To be sure of a colour match between different items, for example, between a desk, a pedestal and a cupboard, be sure to select items from the same series. Check carefully the product name and description as the product series it belongs to will be clearly detailed in these. Although you may find items of the same colour from different series or brands, these are not a guaranteed match and we will not be responsible for colour differences across different product series or brands should you select items on this basis.

Regrettably, it is impossible to replicate on a computer screen colours as accurately as they appear in the real world. The vast variation in the performance of computer screens from one manufacturer and one screen model to another makes this impossible. Our colour representations are as accurate as is possible with current technology. If you have any doubts, please contact us before ordering for guidance. We cannot guarantee colour matching based on the screen images on our site and cannot be responsible for variations between the colours of our items when seen in real live compared to the on-screen representation. In short, we cannot guarantee colour accuracy in printed material or on screen. If in doubt, call and ask about our swatch/colour sample service –see below.

You may see two items described, for example, as “beech” that appear to be a different colour. We use images provided by the manufacturers for their items and the way these images are produced will vary from one manufacturer to another so this can account for differences in how items appear on screen. In addition, there are many different shades and wood qualities available in any one colour, such as beech for example again, which leads to genuine differences in the shade of one item to another that is described as the same colour. If in doubt, call and ask about our swatch/colour sample service – see below.

We can provide fabric and wood-finish samples for many of our items. There is a small deposit payable that is refundable on return of the swatches/samples to us in good condition.

Call 01225 690700 for more details.